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It’s celebration time! What better way than with a Painting Party!

All of our parties are made for beginners, even if you have never painted before! We take care of your guests, providing a relaxing atmosphere to paint, laugh and have a good time. You can even bring your favorite party foods and drinks, cake, pizza, you name it. Or purchase from our cafe and get 25% OFF your snacks and drinks!

Compare our Party options below, then book your party date and time.

All Parties Include:

  • All art supplies
  • 25% OFF any cafe snacks/drinks
  • Anyone can join
  • 1 Reserved cake/presents table
  • Reserved tables based on party size

Recommended age groups:

Open Paint Party

All ages and skill levels

Creative Kids Party

Recommended ages 8-12

Adult Painting Party

Recommended ages 12 and older

Go Mobile Or Virtual!

Starting at $25 per painter

These parties are led by an art instructor, with step by step instructions and all art supplies included! Our Creative Kids parties are great for Birthday Parties!

To book a private event or for more information on availability and pricing,

click a link above or call (801) 810-7048.

Our Most Common Questions About Our Parties

The great thing about acrylic is that it dries quickly, so everyone will be able to take their painting home at the end of class. If you are concerned about paint getting on your car seats, you can always bring a towel to set it on, or place it on the dashboard of your car for the ride home.

Can we bring food?

Yes, if you are reserving the party room, you are welcome to bring whatever party food and drinks you like! We will reserve a table for you to use for food, gifts or other items. Please let us know if you require additional table space for larger parties.

Alcoholic drinks are also permitted, as long as all of your guests are 21 and over, and you provide and serve the drinks to your own guests. Any party serving alcohol MUST reserve the party room to keep separate from other underage guests in the studio.

Can my guests register ahead of time?

Yes, if you would like to create a private calendar event on our website for your party, please let us know in your online booking questionnaire. We can create a private party link for you to send to your guests to help capture RSVPs, choose painting designs ahead of time, and even have your guests pay for their own admission, if applicable! This is a great way to keep track of your guest count in one place.

What if I don’t have the minimum number of guests?

It’s no problem if you have less than 8 painters for your party. If less than 8 guests show up, we will still host your party, but will charge the minimum price for 8 painters. If you can, try to get other family and friends to join you, so that you don’t have any empty seats!

Late Policy

To ensure you are able to fully utilize the party room for your allotted time, please make every effort to encourage your guests to be on time. Your party room reservation will be for 2 hours, and may have other guests for another party following your event. Please make sure to be finished and cleaned up, and all of your belongings removed from the party room by the end of your 2 hour reservation.

Cancellation Policy

We understand things happen! If you are unable to host your private party, please notify our staff at (801) 810-7048, and we will work with you to reschedule your party at a future date, and will keep your info and payment on file for next time. Due to limited availability, we cannot offer any refunds for party cancellations. Please make every effort to inform us of your cancellation before the day of your party. If you cancel your party and do not set up for a future date, we cannot return the deposit. This includes cancellations due to Covid exposure, inclement weather, traffic, guest cancellations or any other last minute schedule changes. Please note: if you are booking a party with a minimum requirement, and your final guest count comes to less than 8 painters, we can still host your party but we will charge the minimum price for 8 painters.

Drinks and Snacks Policy

For your party room reservation, you can bring any food and drinks you like! If you schedule a private adult party, reserve the party room for your event, and your guests are all 21 or over, you may then provide and serve your own alcoholic beverages.

Drinks and Snacks from our cafe are 25% OFF for parties! We offer a variety of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages in our cafe, which can be purchased anytime during your party. This includes water, soda, juice, chips, cookies, candy and much more! Please get in touch if you have any further questions on our policies.