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Open Paint

It’s Painting Time on Your Own Schedule with Open Paint

Walk-ins Welcome! Creative time in our studio for all ages.

Stop by anytime during our Open Paint Hours and select an image from our studio gallery. This is a freestyle method of painting! Guests are provided with all art supplies needed to get started, with an outlined image on canvas to assist with their creative masterpiece. 

Our artists are there to answer questions and aid with techniques as needed. Guests can spend time with their friends and family in a social setting, and bring home their artwork when they are finished!

Painters of all ages and skill levels are welcome, no need to RSVP! Our open admission allows guests to come at their own leisure and take as much time as they need.

You don’t need a scheduled class to paint!

Come in Today for Open Paint

Today’s Hours:

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General Admission


per painter

You choose your design at Open Paint!

You can choose anything from our studio gallery! There are plenty of options for you to come back again and again. All art supplies, medium canvas and image outline (or blank canvas) included. Sign up for our Happy Trees Program to earn your way to a FREE session!

Happy Trees Loyalty Program

We want to reward our customers! Sign up for our “Happy Tree Program”, where you can earn HAPPY TREES (our equivalent of points) just for coming to paint with us! Earn “Happy Trees” during our Open Paint hours for qualified purchases in our studio.

Collect enough “Happy Trees” and you can paint for FREE! Who doesn’t love FREE?

See Rewards Below:

10 Happy Trees

1 FREE Open Paint Admission

12 Happy Trees

1 FREE Open Paint Admission + 1 FREE Snack & Drink from our Cafe

24 Happy Trees

2 FREE Open Paint Admission + 2 FREE Snacks & Drinks from our Cafe

25 Happy Trees

1 FREE Happy Swag Bag with Art Supplies and Treats you can take home! (must pick up in studio)

Join our Happy Trees Open Paint Loyalty Program when you join us for your first Open Paint session!

Some Additional Benefits of Open Paint


Featured Images

Choose one of our 3 monthly special images when you come in for Open Paint and get a discount! These change every month!

Young Children

Children 3 and under can paint at a discount. All art supplies, medium canvas and image (or blank canvas) included.


Custom Image

Have an image you have always wanted to paint but didn’t know where to start? We can help with that! Bring a photo, your best description, or alter one of our images to create something altogether unique! We can help you create a custom painting you will love.
+ $5

Canvas Size

Upgrade your canvas size to something a little larger. We have two sizes available for upgrade from the medium size. 
+ $3 Large
+ $5 Extra Large

Our most common questions about our Open Paint

The great thing about acrylic is that it dries quickly, so everyone will be able to take their painting home at the end of class. If you are concerned about paint getting on your car seats, you can always bring a towel to set it on, or place it on the dashboard of your car for the ride home.

Do You Provide Instructions?

Because our Open Paint is not a class and everyone chooses a different image, there isn’t an instructor providing step by step instructions; however, we always have our artist staff members there to help answer basic art questions and aid with techniques as needed.

Can We Still Come Do Open Paint During Class Times?

We will reserve tables for registered guests before class. For this reason, we have set aside hours you can come to paint before scheduled events. We don’t recommend coming to Open Paint during class without first calling to see if there are available seats.

Sometimes weekday classes are smaller, and so there is more available seating for Open Paint. Weekends are busiest, so plan accordingly!

Are There Age Restrictions?

There is no age limits for painting! You can paint from age 2 – 99! (but really, we have had 6 month olds paint before! 🙂

Younger children usually have more fun with the colors and playing around with paint, so don’t expect them to necessarily stay in the lines. It’s OK to have fun and make a mess, it’s still considered art!

Is there A Time Limit?

There is no time limit for Open Paint, you can enjoy your creative time in our studio for as long as you need! The only exception to this, is that we cannot accept any new painters within an hour before Open Paint ends for the day.